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2019 - Local & State Elections / Voting


Local, State, & Federal Elections

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Local Level

Board of Selectmen - Term Ends

town hall Chairman: Mark Elfman 2022
Vice Chairman: Leah Gibson 2021
Clerk: Edward O'Leary 2022
Chris Mitchell 2021
David Feldman 2020

State Level - General Election on November 6, 2018
2019 MA Governor

Charles D. Baker (R)

MA Lieutenant Governor

Current: Karyn Polito

2018 MA Lieutenant Governor

Karyn E. Polito (R)

2019 MA Attorney General

Maura Healey (D)

2018 MA Secretary Of State

William Francis Galvin (D)

2019 MA Treasurer

Deborah B. Goldberg (D)

2019 MA Auditor

Suzanne M. Bump (D)

MA Senate: Bristol and Norfolk

Paul Feeney
Current: Senator Paul Feeney (D)

2019-2021 MA Senate Bristol and Norfolk

Paul Feeney (D) | Tw Fb

2019 MA Representative: 1st Bristol

F. Jay Barrows (R)

MA Councillor: 2nd District

Current: Jubinville

2018 MA 2nd District Councillor

Robert L. Jubinville (D)

Norfolk County: Sheriff

Current: Jerome P. McDermott

2016 Norfolk County: Sheriff

Jerome P. McDermott (D)

Norfolk County: Clerk Of Courts

Current: Walter F. Timilty (D)

2019 Norfolk County: Clerk Of Courts

Walter F. Timilty (D)

Norfolk County: Register Of Deeds

Current: William P. O'Donnell (D)

2019 Norfolk County: Register Of Deeds

William P. O'Donnell (D)

Norfolk County: County Commissioner

Current: John M. Gillis (D)

2019 Norfolk County: County Commissioner

Peter H. Collins (D)

Federal Level
White House
2017-2021 USA President / Vice President

GOP: Trump / Pence

White House
2016 Party Platforms

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